Sparta Inc. Nigeria | Synchronised Radio Release Party (S.R.R.P)
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Synchronised Radio Release Party (S.R.R.P)


Q: What is a Synchronized Radio Release Party (SRRP)?
A: A Synchronized Radio Release Party is a recreation of an album release party complete with eats and drinks in the studio of radio stations across the country at the same time. It could be done before, after or at the same time as the actual album launch.
Q: Why do I need to have a SRRP?
A: The same reason why you have an album launch: To generate buzz for new album/EP
Q: Isn’t it enough that I am having an album launch and actively promoting it on social media?
A: Yes and No. Yes if you are an A-list artist who is very much in the limelight. But if you are new, make niche music or are a comebacking former A-lister(Consider it the icing on the cake that is your comeback album), then an SRRP is an ABSOLUTE necessity. Let me explain. Urban radio DJs and O-A-Ps still wield considerable power as music tastemakers and pop culture influencers. While it is possible to warm up to and indeed befriend – or purchase the loyalty of – a majority sampler(and O-A-Ps in the Mecca of the Nigerian musicrelMinnat is Lagos, it is a lot more difficult doing the same to a lot of the other urban radio stations scattered across the country. An SRRP is an effective way of bridging this gap.
Q: What are the real benefits of having an SRRP?
A(i): Better aggregate mileage than you would get if you are a newbie hosting a release party with a less than stellar line up at a not-so-swank venue.
(ii): More value for money. An SRRP costs less than the rent for the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel or any other prestigious venue.
(iii): Hard data to analyse and exploit for sales and promotion as there are dedicated social media handles i.e on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for every SRRP, it is easy to collate data on the activation.
(iv): A real relationship with the radio stations where an SRRP is activated. The goodwill received from the various radio stations upon activation of an SRRP can be easily transformed into a real relationship with the DJs and O-A-Ps by the artist and his management.
(v): There is cost flexibility in having an SRRP as client can pick and choose the stations where they want activations done. However, we recommend that clients do activations in at least a dozen (12) stations spread across either the artist’s area of strength or cities that are key music markets.
(vi): Direct feedback from all the radio stations to the artist’s manager/label rep upon receipt of the SRRP promo pack.
vii): Many minutes of on air O-A-P hype on the day of release and many days/ weeks after.
Q: Can you walk me through the process of having an SRRP?
A: It start with picking a date for the activation. Then it moves on to making the promo materials i.e complimentary copies of the album, copies of the CD sampler* and the album release posters. All of these materials must be made available to us at least a week before the activation date. We’ll take it from there.
* A CD sampler in this case is a specially recorded EP containing songs off the album being released. It typically contains the singles plus one or two focus tracks. Such samplers usually have these songs remixed, remade or retooled, and are made exclusively for the radio stations where activations will be done. They can also take the form of a concept album, a sonic recreation of a typical album launch where there are distinct segments like the red carpet, the show and the after party. This CD sampler and its exclusivity is key in “igniting” the release party in the studios of the radio stations slated for activation.
Q: Why should I “serve” food and drinks to the DJs and O-A-Ps at the various stations? Wouldn’t it be better if I just gave them money?
A: Because you are hosting a party. Besides, what better way is there to “ sweet talk” the contemporary Nigerian into doing what you want other than giving them something wonderful to eat and something great to drink?
Q: How much will it cost to have an SRRP at all 60 radio stations in your network?
A: At N50K per station, it will cost N3million

1. Rave FM, Osogbo
2. Sparkling FM, Calabar
3. Passion FM, Uyo
4. Rhythm FM, Abuja
5. Hot FM. Asaba
6. Kiss FM, Abuja
7. Cool FM, Abuja
8. Urban FM,Enugu
9. Inspiration FM, Ibadan
10. Hit FM, Calabar
11. Solid FM, Enugu
12. Dream FM, Enugu
13. Love FM, PH
14. Splash FM, Ibadan
15. Canaan City FM, Calabar
16. Creek FM, Yenagoa
17. Radio Benue 2, Makurdi
18. Comfort FM, Uyo
19. Heartland FM, Owerri
20. Wazobia FM, Onitsha
21. Magic FM, Aba
22. Bronze FM, Benin City
23. Orange FM, Akure
24. Vibes FM, Benin City
25. Rock City FM, Abeokuta
26. UniQ FM, Ilesha
27. Breez FM, Akure
28. Inspiration FM, Uyo
29. Coal City FM, Enugu
30. Unity FM, Abakaliki
31. Human Rights Radio, Abuja
32. Purity FM, Awka
33. Independent Radio, Benin City
34. Okin FM, Offa
35. BRC FM, Bauchi
36. Hot FM, Abuja
37. Brila FM, Onitsha
38. BSES FM, Ado-Ekiti
39. Freedom FM, Kano
40. Liberty Radio, Kaduna
41. Progress FM, Ado-Ekiti
42. Hot FM, Owerri
43. Cool FM, PH
44. Rhythm FM,PH
45. Gold FM, Ilesha.
46. Paradise FM, Calabar
47. Brila FM, Kaduna
48. Brila FM, Abuja
49. Beat FM, Ibadan
50. Beat FM, PH
51. Liberty Radio, Kano
52. Premier FM, Ibadan
53. Radio Sapientia, Onitsha
54. Cool FM, Kano
55. Adaba FM, Akure
56. Raypower FM, Abuja
57. Zuma FM, Suleja
58. Darling FM, Owerri
59. Bridge FM, Asaba
60. Amana FM, Gombe

Materials Required
60 Copies of the album
60 Copies of the CD sampler(or 60 USB sticks loaded with the music)
120 Wall Poster (Size A3)*

*The Poster should contain the following:
i) An Image of the Artist.
ii) A small image of the album cover.
iii) The name of the artist.
iv) The title of the album.
v) The artist social media handles and his/her label’s /management contact.
details in small fonts
vi) A copy of the artist profile/album literature.
All of these should be made available to us at least a week before the activation date.

We strongly recommend a minimum of 12 radio station for activation in order to make the desired impact.